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Coming up with a mission statement for Legends Animated has taken longer than expected: there are so many routes the company could take but we need to pace ourselves since it is still a start-up company. The trends we have going so far with Detecter Pig are pretty exciting: since it is based on a comic book series, Legends Animated could continue that trend by specializing in collaborations with indie comic artists to create animated versions of their comic books. Like Sergio Willis (creator and executive producer of Detecter Pig), these comic artists would be our clients and have creative control while Legends Animated develops and produces their animated web series or films.

Another trend from Detecter Pig that’s worth considering is a subtle undercurrent of multiculturalism; for instance one of the main characters, Officer Farshad Simmons (a.k.a Shad), has a back story of not being fully accepted by his paternal family, which consists of a long line of proud cops with the exception of his father, who joined the army instead and later returned with baby Shad. Throughout Shad’s life his main goal is to be a police officer so that he could “correct” his father’s decision and prove himself worthy of the family name. Although the coldness from his father’s family and knowing very little about his Afghan mother has lead to a lonely childhood, Shad tries to see the bright side of life through his wise-cracking and sarcastic humor.

Either trend would definitely provide a lot of great animation, but at the end of the day the goal is to write a mission statement that guides your nonprofit, not limits it. For now below is our mission statement , but it will continue to go through a bit of transformation until Legends Animated officially becomes a 501c3 nonprofit organization:

Legends Animated is an animation company devoted to providing opportunities for art students, art school graduates, & independent animators that will empower them to create quality animation for people of all ages to enjoy, while gaining experience towards a career in the animation industry.

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Legends Animated is a nonprofit that promotes the awareness and appreciation of animation as a medium for powerful storytelling. In doing so we provide collaborative opportunities to create independent animation that aids the movement of transcending animation from its current status as a children's genre to becoming fully recognized by the general public as a true art form.



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