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Wheels and Roses

“A Salior Moon Meets Roller Derby Coming-of-Age Story”

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TV Pilot

Our ultimate goal is to make a fully animated 22-minute pilot episode. Depending on what financial goal we hit though, we may end up creating either a trailer or an animated short film.

The more we fundraise, the more animation we can make!

Queer Stories!

As creators that come from all sorts of backgrounds, we feel like it’s so important to carve out a space for stories like WHEELS & ROSES!

We want to tell a story that’s For Us By Us. We want to create queen stories. We want to center POC. We want to tell magical stories that are genre bendy!


Sahara has big dreams of one day becoming a Magical Roller Derby champion!

The only problem is, she can’t use magic.

Despite being labeled an outcast at Rose Academy, Sahara decides to create her school’s very first derby team. Can Sahara go up against repeated champions at Sunflower High, and earn the respect of her peers, even when all odds are stacked against her?”

Meet Our Cast

Meet Our Cast

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Orange Blossom Studios is an online-based independent animation studio created by Pearl Low. The studio believes that creating animation has no borders. We want to work with artists no matter where they’re from! The studio strives to centre diverse magical and cultural stories. This means centering not only our audience but the people behind each production to showcase our authentic lived experiences and cultural backgrounds. Visit Orange Blossom Studios.

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