Introducing Detecter Pig!

September 27, 2012 — 2 Comments

2 responses to Introducing Detecter Pig!


    I am big fan of animations. I think it is very good choice of colors for the costume and the hair of the Detecter Pig. I read that this is going to be your first anime series; I hope I get to see it soon and that it will become popular. Please let me know when and where I could get access watch it. And I think it is great that you have created an outlet that new artists could use to show their art to the world.


    Thank you for the kudos: it’s always great to meet an animation fan 🙂 By early next year Detecter Pig will be streaming at as well as screening in film and web festivals; once 2013 rolls around I will post details in so anyone can watch Detecter Pig online and in theaters.

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