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Indie Animation Spotlight

November 5, 2015

Don Bluth and Gary Oldman are teaming up once again to produce Dragon’s Lair: The Movie, which is based on a well loved 1980’s arcade game. The two creators have provided audiences with some great animated films like An American Tail, The Land Before Time, Anastasia and many others, so it will be exciting to see what they have planned for their next venture.

You could get a great sense of what they have in store by viewing the film‘s Kickstarter campaign, which launched last week; here Bluth and Oldman present their goals for the film and provide many perks for backers that range from limited animation drawings & Blue-ray copies of Dragon’s Lair: The Movie to character maquettes and animation master classes.

If you had to choose one film project to help support this year,  Dragon’s Lair: The Movie is definitely worth a look; please check out the campaign and help independent animation via donations and link sharing.

Canadian animator Lynn Dana Wilton is visiting Los Angeles and screening a program of animated shorts (including some of her own) from the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) with whom she frequently works.

Join us at the Echo Park Film Center ( at 8pm on Saturday, June 6th for the screening and a discussion afterwards on the challenges of independent filmmaking in the changing cultural landscape, as well as the benefits of surviving long enough to see your favorite techniques fade in and out of (and in) fashion.

Visit to learn more about TAIS!

Today’s featured indie animated project is the lovable Quipsters, an upcoming animated show for both children and children at heart. Its first season will begin this summer and the show features various fun and mischievous characters like the creepy cool Spooksters:

The creators of Quipsters (Joe Plascencia and Thomas Corkran) will be continually updating its Facebook page with new characters, videos and news, so stay tuned by liking its page at

Film Festival Update

November 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

Legends Animated’s Detector Pig trailer was recently accepted in the International Movie Trailer Festival, whose mission is to provide an outlet for filmmakers to share their ideas to the online community, as well as support these filmmakers by offering prizes and awards that would assist in transforming those ideas into films.

If Legends Animated wins, IMTF’s cash award will go towards the production of Detector Pig‘s fully animated 2D film: please support independent animation by clicking the link below and voting for us today!

Coming Soon to Theaters

April 26, 2014

Let's Go!

Thanks to Legends Animated’s talented and hardworking cast and crew, Detecter Pig is now in the film festival circuit! Stay tuned for festival screening updates from both Legends Animated and other companies that produce independent animation.



Indie Comic of the Month

September 29, 2013

Pact ArcanumWe’ve decided to switch things up a bit by promoting an Indiegogo project as our next featured comic, the Pact Arcanum Saga. Help Arshad Ahsanuddin bring the comic adaption of his book series to eyeballs everywhere! There are 36 days left to be a part of this amazing project, plus there are great prizes for those who help Arshad reach his goal, so please spread the word by sharing this post.

Amara Gets A Makeover

August 31, 2013

Amara There has been some interest about the warrior in our old logo, and since she recently underwent new character designs by Acacia Torres, we’d like to take this time to introduce you to Amara: Warrior Priestess of the Nri Kingdom.

There are plans to create a graphic novel and a hand drawn animated feature about her story in the future, but for this year first things first: obtain 501(c)3 status, then release Detecter Pig for your viewing pleasure.

So far all the comics featured by Legends Animated have reached their goals! With each pledge and shared post, well-written and creatively designed comics are able to be published and accessible to the masses.

Today’s comic is created by Tyrone Selby, called Elements of Light. Only 15 days left to be a part of this comic series, and of course, there are prizes for those who help Tyrone reach his goal, so please spread the word by sharing this post with others.

Help Hoang Nguyen bring Carbon Grey: The Final Chapter to fans worldwide! Only 16 days left to be part of the conclusion of this amazing comic series, plus there are great prizes for those who help Hoang reach his goal, so please spread the word by sharing this post with others:

Carbon Grey: The Final Chapter

Carbon Grey: The Final Chapter

Indie Comic of the Week

March 10, 2013

Help Keu Cha bring Hex: The Lost Tribe to eyeballs everywhere! Only 4 days left to be a part of this amazing indie comic series, plus there are great prizes for those who help Keu reach his stretch goal, so please spread the word:

Hex: The Lost Tribe

Hex: The Lost Tribe