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Behind many independent animation productions are unique and inspiring stories of how they came into existence, and Andrew Ambrose Lee’s story about creating Tabloids: The Animated Web Series is no exception:

Thankfully we will soon enjoy its 1st season since Tabloid‘s reached its initial fundraising goal, but its cast and crew still needs support for future seasons, so please spread the word by sharing this post and consider making a contribution at the web series’ Indiegogo page.

Amara Gets A Makeover

August 31, 2013

Amara There has been some interest about the warrior in our old logo, and since she recently underwent new character designs by Acacia Torres, we’d like to take this time to introduce you to Amara: Warrior Priestess of the Nri Kingdom.

There are plans to create a graphic novel and a hand drawn animated feature about her story in the future, but for this year first things first: obtain 501(c)3 status, then release Detecter Pig for your viewing pleasure.


June 29, 2013

Legends Animated is switching gears a bit by having our next production be a crime drama set in the 1940s-1950s. It will be Legends Animated’s first original production (Detecter Pig is a co-production with comic artist Sergio Willis) which will have a film noir feel to it, but with a hint of playfulness.

Feel free to audition for any of the roles below if interested: it’s under a SAG New Media contract, so both union and non-union actors are welcome. Also feel free to share this post with anyone who may be interested:

Email with the characters’ names you’d like to audition for in the subject box. You will then receive the script and can record your readings as an MP3 file; you are welcome to use free software like Audacity or free mobile apps like HI-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Lite to record your audition.

Your audition does not have to be professionally recorded but your voice should be heard clearly (please record in a quiet space with no background noise) and we will only accept MP3 files. We will no longer accept requests for audition info after July 16th.

Compensation: IMDB credit & digital copy of completed project

Lucky – FEMALE / 20 TO 30
A young detective who uses her smarts and feminine wiles to solve crimes. Think Honey West, but more tongue-in-cheek

Narrator – MALE / 20 TO 60
His vocal delivery should be like that of a 1940s-1950s radio commentator. Think Walter Winchell, but more tongue-in-cheek

Cap’n Landy – MALE / 60 TO 80
A sea loving retiree; old friend of Lucky’s

Captain Donovan – MALE / 50 TO 60
Head of the Clear Water police department

Police Hogan – MALE / 50 TO 60
Police officer that guards the dock

Mandino – MALE / 30 TO 50
A crime boss

Joe T. – MALE / 20 TO 40
One of Mandino’s thugs

Sam – MALE / 20 TO 40
One of Mandino’s thugs

Matty – MALE / 40 TO 60
A crime boss

Red – MALE / 20 TO 40
Matty’s right-hand man

Molly – FEMALE / 20 TO 35
Red’s main squeeze

Joe S. – MALE / 30 TO 50
Shady owner of a bar at the waterfront

Doctor – MALE / 30 TO 60

Police Officer 1 – MALE / 20 TO 40

Police Officer 2 – MALE / 20 TO 40

Film Festival Prep

April 30, 2013

Still plugging away at both the artistic and business sides of Detecter Pig so we can make the film festival deadlines: we’ll spare you the nonprofit biz details and instead share some concept artwork by one of Legends Animated’s artists, Hung Tai

Concept Art 2Concept Art 1

Almost At The Finish Line…

February 17, 2013

Lots of creative work happening at Legends Animated as we’re preparing Detecter Pig  for upcoming film festivals; here is a screen shot of one of the scenes:

Pigg vs. Tank

Pigg vs. Tank

Fan Sneak Preview

December 17, 2012

A couple of storyboard panels from Detecter Pig as a hint of what’s to come:

Pigg vs Tank!

Pigg & tank face off

The Power of Cartoons

December 7, 2012

mcgruder_aaron_boondockA lot of us enjoy animation and comics purely for their entertainment value, but sometimes they can also provide different viewpoints that make us pause and think. Just look at TV shows and comic strips like Family Guy and The Boondocks : often times in the midst of the comedy and satire is social commentary on current events.  As mentioned in an earlier post, Shad’s background provides Legends Animated with a great opportunity to do something similar: though of course it will be subtle since Detecter Pig  is essentially a superhero motion comic. In this video from, Patrick Chappatte offers interesting ideas on handling comedy and social commentary in comic strip cartoons, which can translate into the world of animation as well: “cartoons can cross boundaries…and humor is a good way to address serious issues”

Ask anyone in the entertainment business and they will tell you that the quality of sound can make or break any production: regardless of whether it’s live action or animation. You can have the most stunning visuals your audience has ever seen, but if the sound is not up to snuff then you will definitely lose them within the first few minutes: it would be like watching Salvador Dalí & Walt Disney’s Destino with ear muffs on (click the link to watch the entire short film, the picture above is a frame from it).

That’s why Legends Animated is fortunate to have two talented people who are taking care of business in the sound department: Josh Burns and Aaron Eberhardt. Josh is currently creating an amazing sound track for Detecter Pig: the theme song for instance has an eerie futuristic adrenaline-pumping feel to it (that description may not make sense now, but it definitely will once you hear it). Aaron is the sound designer and was awesome to work with during the cast’s voice over session; he also went above and beyond to capture all the natural sounds we needed for the production. They will continue to play key roles as Detecter Pig moves into post production: more details to come soon.

It’s always great to watch the creative work of independent animators on the big screen, but to share your animation up there with an audience would be almost surreal. Of course, this possibility wouldn’t be possible without a talented art department: thanks to the awesome work of artists Acacia Torres, Michelle Alvarado, and Holly Knevelbaard, our animator and associate producer James Neal has started animating scenes of Detecter Pig, which means the production is on schedule for the 2013 deadlines of the film festivals and web festivals we plan to submit. I will definitely post festival details as 2013 draws nearer, so stay tuned.

About Legends Animated

September 29, 2012 — 2 Comments

Legends Animated is an animation company devoted to providing opportunities for art students, art school graduates, & independent animators that will empower them to create quality animation for people of all ages to enjoy, while gaining experience towards a career in the animation industry. It is currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in order to better serve up-and-coming artists and animators, as well as people who simply enjoy watching quality animation. Legends Animated’s first production is called Detecter Pig, an animated web series based on a superhero and action comic books that Sergio Willis created as a child.

This blog has a dual purpose of giving readers a behind-the-scenes look at how Legends Animated produces its animation, as well as providing updates on projects in production, upcoming screenings at film festivals, and digital releases of shorts, features, and web series. Readers are also welcome to provide input by commenting on posts, trailers and video clips that will be included on this blog and share their interest about animation in general.