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Canadian animator Lynn Dana Wilton is visiting Los Angeles and screening a program of animated shorts (including some of her own) from the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) with whom she frequently works.

Join us at the Echo Park Film Center ( at 8pm on Saturday, June 6th for the screening and a discussion afterwards on the challenges of independent filmmaking in the changing cultural landscape, as well as the benefits of surviving long enough to see your favorite techniques fade in and out of (and in) fashion.

Visit to learn more about TAIS!

This month we’re featuring a stop motion film titled Dangerously Ever After, which is based on a children’s book of the same title by Dashka Slater. Its heroine is Princess Amanita, who isn’t your average princess: she has a collection of swords, a pet scorpion, and loves to tend to her dangerous garden of thrones and other prickly plants.

Help director Alba Garcia bring this fun and unique character to life via stop motion animation; there are 7 days left to be a part of this amazing project, plus there are great prizes for those who help Alba reach her goal, so please support independent animation by sharing this post and/or making a contribution through her Indiegogo campaign.

Film Festival Update

November 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

Legends Animated’s Detector Pig trailer was recently accepted in the International Movie Trailer Festival, whose mission is to provide an outlet for filmmakers to share their ideas to the online community, as well as support these filmmakers by offering prizes and awards that would assist in transforming those ideas into films.

If Legends Animated wins, IMTF’s cash award will go towards the production of Detector Pig‘s fully animated 2D film: please support independent animation by clicking the link below and voting for us today!

Coming Soon to Theaters

April 26, 2014

Let's Go!

Thanks to Legends Animated’s talented and hardworking cast and crew, Detecter Pig is now in the film festival circuit! Stay tuned for festival screening updates from both Legends Animated and other companies that produce independent animation.



Mr. HuboltCongratulations to Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares for winning an Academy Award for Mr. Hublot. The film had some tough competition from Disney’s Get A Horse, but there was no denying the heart and craftsmanship that the European duo put into their short.

Another beautifully made Oscar nominated indie animated short, Room on a Boom, is now fully streaming online: enjoy!

Film Festival Prep

April 30, 2013

Still plugging away at both the artistic and business sides of Detecter Pig so we can make the film festival deadlines: we’ll spare you the nonprofit biz details and instead share some concept artwork by one of Legends Animated’s artists, Hung Tai

Concept Art 2Concept Art 1

Almost At The Finish Line…

February 17, 2013

Lots of creative work happening at Legends Animated as we’re preparing Detecter Pig  for upcoming film festivals; here is a screen shot of one of the scenes:

Pigg vs. Tank

Pigg vs. Tank

It’s always great to watch the creative work of independent animators on the big screen, but to share your animation up there with an audience would be almost surreal. Of course, this possibility wouldn’t be possible without a talented art department: thanks to the awesome work of artists Acacia Torres, Michelle Alvarado, and Holly Knevelbaard, our animator and associate producer James Neal has started animating scenes of Detecter Pig, which means the production is on schedule for the 2013 deadlines of the film festivals and web festivals we plan to submit. I will definitely post festival details as 2013 draws nearer, so stay tuned.


October 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

“Sita Sings the Blues” by Nina Paley

I was recently asked what was my inspiration behind starting up Legends Animated: I think after watching Sita Sings the Blues by Nina Paley I began to fully appreciate how moving, hilarious, and visually stunning animation can be. I’ve enjoyed watching cartoons for as long as I can remember: many of my childhood memories were about my siblings and I watching shows like Tiny Toon Adventures and Rescue Rangers. But it was Nina Paley that made me realize that animation could be so much more than entertainment, so from then on I started exploring this whole new world of independent animation by attending animation festivals like LAAF and visiting websites like Indie Animator.

I believe what got me from simply being an animation fan to actually producing animation was working at Stop n Go Productions to create a claymation short film for the 168 Hour Film festival. Due to the nature of the festival, we only had a week (168 hours) to complete and submit our film Dragon Season, so needless to say the production process was bananas (it’s difficult enough for live action films, but to do an animated film in one week is virtually unheard of). Thanks to producers Michael Mitchell and Sarah Abel as well as their wonderful production crew, we were able to not only submit the short film on time but also win the Best Animation award. I’ve worked in indie filmmaking a few years before joining Stop n Go Productions, but after that experience I knew animation production was all I ever wanted to do.