Legends Animated provides the following services:

Production Management

If your animated project needs production management support, Legends Animated could provide this service as an independent contractor.

Fiscal Sponsorship

As a fiscal sponsor, Legends Animated could provide animation filmmakers with the following:

  • Ability to receive tax deductible donations and grants under Legends Animated’s 501(c)3 status
  • Administrative support during all stages of production, from securing funding to film distribution
  • Promotional services online as well as during industry events, conventions, and film festivals


If your nonprofit has an idea for an animated short film, feature film, or web series and would like to bring that idea to life, Legends Animated could partner with your organization in grant writing, crowdfunding, and other fundraising efforts, then co-produce the project with your nonprofit once enough funding is received. If interested please contact us with your organization’s ideas and the fundraising opportunities it would like to pursue.