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Film Festival Update

November 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

Legends Animated’s Detector Pig trailer was recently accepted in the International Movie Trailer Festival, whose mission is to provide an outlet for filmmakers to share their ideas to the online community, as well as support these filmmakers by offering prizes and awards that would assist in transforming those ideas into films.

If Legends Animated wins, IMTF’s cash award will go towards the production of Detector Pig‘s fully animated 2D film: please support independent animation by clicking the link below and voting for us today!

Ava's Demon 2

Ava’s demon is a dark supernatural adventure that is beautifully illustrated and written by Michellle Czajkowski.  This exciting series is eleven chapters in the making and is being adapted to motion comic form: the powerful neon aesthetic and introverted themes speak to the struggle we all face of finding ones identity and life.

Follow Ava’s demon on Tumblr or visit its website on Mondays and Wednesdays for updates!



Coming Soon to Theaters

April 26, 2014

Let's Go!

Thanks to Legends Animated’s talented and hardworking cast and crew, Detecter Pig is now in the film festival circuit! Stay tuned for festival screening updates from both Legends Animated and other companies that produce independent animation.




New Year

May you charge into 2014 head on & ready for anything!

Indie Comic of the Month

November 30, 2013 month we’re featuring Renee Calvert’s webcomic called The Epic Odyssey of Thomas McLean, which is based on her animated thesis project. While discussing its fantasy RPG influences at the CTN Animation Expo, Renee expressed that she has big plans for Thomas McLean’s adventures, which she hopes will be told in both animated and comic form with the help of her upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

A Shout-Out to Great Talent

October 30, 2013

Thanks to an awesome cast and crew we got some great voice over recordings for the crime drama we’ve mentioned previously. Although we’re a little secretive about the specifics of this project (more to come soon), we’d like to share a behind the scenes photo of our cast members at Bez Film Studio.

VO Session Photo by Tim Forrest

From left to right: Chris Marz, Noelle Messier, Meghan Falcone, Andrew Jenkins, Frank Brantley, Josh Burns, and Roger Rignack

Indie Comic of the Month

September 29, 2013

Pact ArcanumWe’ve decided to switch things up a bit by promoting an Indiegogo project as our next featured comic, the Pact Arcanum Saga. Help Arshad Ahsanuddin bring the comic adaption of his book series to eyeballs everywhere! There are 36 days left to be a part of this amazing project, plus there are great prizes for those who help Arshad reach his goal, so please spread the word by sharing this post.

Amara Gets A Makeover

August 31, 2013

Amara There has been some interest about the warrior in our old logo, and since she recently underwent new character designs by Acacia Torres, we’d like to take this time to introduce you to Amara: Warrior Priestess of the Nri Kingdom.

There are plans to create a graphic novel and a hand drawn animated feature about her story in the future, but for this year first things first: obtain 501(c)3 status, then release Detecter Pig for your viewing pleasure.

So far all the comics featured by Legends Animated have reached their goals! With each pledge and shared post, well-written and creatively designed comics are able to be published and accessible to the masses.

Today’s comic is created by Tyrone Selby, called Elements of Light. Only 15 days left to be a part of this comic series, and of course, there are prizes for those who help Tyrone reach his goal, so please spread the word by sharing this post with others.


June 29, 2013

Legends Animated is switching gears a bit by having our next production be a crime drama set in the 1940s-1950s. It will be Legends Animated’s first original production (Detecter Pig is a co-production with comic artist Sergio Willis) which will have a film noir feel to it, but with a hint of playfulness.

Feel free to audition for any of the roles below if interested: it’s under a SAG New Media contract, so both union and non-union actors are welcome. Also feel free to share this post with anyone who may be interested:

Email with the characters’ names you’d like to audition for in the subject box. You will then receive the script and can record your readings as an MP3 file; you are welcome to use free software like Audacity or free mobile apps like HI-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Lite to record your audition.

Your audition does not have to be professionally recorded but your voice should be heard clearly (please record in a quiet space with no background noise) and we will only accept MP3 files. We will no longer accept requests for audition info after July 16th.

Compensation: IMDB credit & digital copy of completed project

Lucky – FEMALE / 20 TO 30
A young detective who uses her smarts and feminine wiles to solve crimes. Think Honey West, but more tongue-in-cheek

Narrator – MALE / 20 TO 60
His vocal delivery should be like that of a 1940s-1950s radio commentator. Think Walter Winchell, but more tongue-in-cheek

Cap’n Landy – MALE / 60 TO 80
A sea loving retiree; old friend of Lucky’s

Captain Donovan – MALE / 50 TO 60
Head of the Clear Water police department

Police Hogan – MALE / 50 TO 60
Police officer that guards the dock

Mandino – MALE / 30 TO 50
A crime boss

Joe T. – MALE / 20 TO 40
One of Mandino’s thugs

Sam – MALE / 20 TO 40
One of Mandino’s thugs

Matty – MALE / 40 TO 60
A crime boss

Red – MALE / 20 TO 40
Matty’s right-hand man

Molly – FEMALE / 20 TO 35
Red’s main squeeze

Joe S. – MALE / 30 TO 50
Shady owner of a bar at the waterfront

Doctor – MALE / 30 TO 60

Police Officer 1 – MALE / 20 TO 40

Police Officer 2 – MALE / 20 TO 40