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Behind the Scenes

What’s YOUR Story?


Create a “behind the scenes” reel to capture the essence of your team and the spirit of the competition in a 30-60 second “mini doc” (which you can cut together AFTER submitting your film). This can include Artwork, Photos of the teams, videos of your team throughout the contest, music, confessionals, whatever! We encourage teams to also share their full range of experiences (i.e. moments of elation and ugly cries) in realtime on the Facebook Group (and/or your social media of choice Linktree) then upload your final mini doc to the Google Drive before Oct 17. (labeled with your team name, please!). This will give you a couple days to recover from the contest if needed. 

Click the link below to submit your mini doc to the Google Drive.


Because we wanna see you!

We want the 24HOURS community to come together more than ever this year. Also, we want to have lots of footage to promote the competition!


Absolutely not, but please do!

If making animation connections AROUND THE WORLD wasn’t incentive enough, we’ve sweetened the deal with a BONUS sponsor prize for the team who impresses us the most with their behind-the-scenes storytelling!

This is a team experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us on the FB page, Discord, Instagram– someone will answer at some point. OR if you see a question and know the answer go for it!! You can also email  

This is going to be a great event and we look forward to seeing all of the schools’ films! Enjoy the craziness, creativity and competition, we promise you will never forget your 24HOURS!!! 

Behind the Scenes 2022

If you are needing inspiration on what this mini doc can look like, take a look at this playlist of BTS Submissions from 2022!

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