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Join me in welcoming our next sponsor…
TAAFI (Toronto Animation Arts Festival International)!!!
Winners of 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students will ALL get a full student conference pass!!!
And TAAFI also wanted to make sure that everyone gets something this year and is giving ALL participants a free virtual pass to their industry conference!!!
Thank you TAAFI for the continued support of 24 HOURS!

Another New Sponsor!!!

Please join me in welcoming XPPen a brand new sponsor to 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students!!!
We are incredibly honored that they have decided to not only join our impressive list of sponsors but they have also generously donated an incredible cash prize for one of the winning teams!
We look forward to celebrate XPPen this year at 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students!!!
Thank you XPPen!!!

Our NEWEST Sponsor!!

24 HOURS family…
…we are so incredibly excited to announce this next sponsor…
NEW to 24 HOURS…please join me in welcoming with gratitude Cartoon Saloon who are coming on as a first time sponsor for 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students 2023!!!
Cartoon Saloon is not only donating some amazing swag for one lucky team but also a cash prize to one REALLY lucky winning team of 5 hard working students!!!
As you know Cartoon Saloon is known for their top notch unique visionary storytelling (WolfWalkers, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner, My Father’s Dragon etc.) but also they are an incredibly generous studio who support student animators that create amazing animated films in 24 hours:)
Thank you Cartoon Saloon and welcome to the 24 HOURS family!!!

ASIFA-Hollywood & ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Educators Forum

Introducing our next major sponsor of 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students….
ASIFA-Hollywood AND the ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Educators Forum have teamed up this year to offer a monetary sponsorship!!!
Their generous donation will go towards a cash prizes to one lucky winning team and equipment requests for students in need! This program has been essential to help students who cannot afford the equipment to work from him (webcam and tripod with lights).
Thank you ASIFA-Hollywood and the ASIFA-Hollywood’s Animation Educators Forum for your amazingly generous sponsorship to 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students 2023!!!
Join the fun – Register your team today!

Our First Sponsor: TOON BOOM!!

Our first sponsor of 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students is Toon Boom Animation!!!
Toon Boom is back as a major donor and helping us in a variety of ways including sponsoring equipment for students in need, software AND CASH PRIZES for student winners and more!!! (details will follow in the weeks to come)
Lets give a massive THANKYOU to Toon Boom for their continued support and incredibly generosity – we are honored to work with you every year!!!
Also…Toon Boom is celebrating 30 years this year so check out their amazing new 30th anniversary logo!…

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