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After a lot of thought it’s decided that Legends Animated’s mission would be to simply produce quality animation for all ages that has depth and focuses on interesting themes, however we will specialize in working with indie comic artists to co-produce animated versions of their comic books (to the left is the cover of one of Sergio Willis’s comics). That way our mission is not a “straitjacket”: we can choose to make animation not related to comic books any time we like. There are so many opportunities in the world of indie comic books though; finding material to work with should be pretty easy. What’s really exciting about this specialty is how it will not only provide great material for our production team to work with, it will also give indie comic artists a chance to attract mass attention to their own work, both on as well as their own websites.

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Legends Animated is a nonprofit that promotes the awareness and appreciation of animation as a medium for powerful storytelling. In doing so we provide collaborative opportunities to create independent animation that aids the movement of transcending animation from its current status as a children's genre to becoming fully recognized by the general public as a true art form.


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